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University Council

The BIUST University Council is responsible for the management and administration of the revenue and property of the University. The Council has general control over the University and its affairs, purposes and functions and such other powers and duties as may be conferred by the Statutes of the University. The Council was established in terms of the provision of Section 9 of the BIUST Act responsible for providing strategic policy direction to the University and necessary support to Management to carry out the day to day operations.

The BIUST Council is appointed by the Honourable Minister of Education and Skills Development. It ideally should consist of 14 members drawn from both local and international public and private sectors. The Chairperson shall perform as maybe conferred on him/her by the Statutes enacted by the University Council. The current Chairperson of the BIUST Council is Bernard Bolele.

Members of Council shall hold office for a period of three (3) years and shall be eligible for re-appointment for a further term three (3) years as per Section 11(1), 2 and 3 of the BIUST Act. The University Council subject to the provisions of the Act and Statutes of the University shall be responsible for the management and administration of the revenue and property of the University and shall have general control over the University and its affairs, purposes, and  functions and other duties that may be conferred upon it by the Statutes of the University.

It consists of the following members:

• Principal officers of the University (Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Provost);

• Three (3) public officers appointed by the Minister;

• Seven (7) persons two (2) of whom shall have a science and technology background

representing the private sector and two representing civil society appointed by the

Chancellor on the recommendation of the University Council;

• Three (3) persons who are not resident in Botswana appointed by the Minister by

reason of their investment in the University or special knowledge/competence in

relevant fields of tertiary education;

• Three (3) persons elected by Senate (2 Professors and 1 Dean);

• One (1) person elected by former students of the University;

• One (1) member of support staff elected by support staff;

• One (1) member of the academic staff who is not in Senate elected by academic staff;

• One (1) student elected by the student body of the University.

The Council shall hold at least 3 ordinary meetings in a year.

Governance Structure


According to the BIUST Statutes, Council may appoint committees as it may deem necessary. Members of the committees are drawn from amongst Council members based on their expertise. Currently, the Council has four committees – Audit & Finance Committee, Council Human Resources Committee, Council Infrastructure Committee and the Council Tender Committee.


As per the BIUST Act 2005 6(1) The Chancellor shall be the President of the Republic of Botswana or such eminent person as may be appointed by the President. He shall hold office for five years renewal for one more term of five years. He/she shall have such powers and privileges and functions as may be conferred on him/her by the Statutes enacted in that behalf by the University Council. In the absence of a Chancellor, the Chairperson of the University Council shall act as Chancellor. The BIUST Chancellor is former President of Botswana Festus Gontebanye Mogae who was installed on the 5th of October 2012 in Palapye.


• Senate acts under general control and approval of the University Council

• It is appointed through Section 15 of the BIUST Act

Senate shall be responsible for the academic work of the University both in teaching and in research for the superintendence of the education and discipline of the students of the University.

2) Without prejudice to the provisions of subsection (1), the Senate shall be responsible under

the University Council for –

 (a) formulating and carrying our the academic policy of the University;

(b) devising and regulating courses of instruction and study, and supervising research;

(c) Regulating the conduct of examinations and the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates;

(d) Advising the University Council on the admission of students and the award of scholarships;

(e) Reporting on such matters as may be referred to it by the University Council.

3) The Senate may make representations to the University Council on any matter connected

with the University, and shall have such additional functions as may be conferred on it by the

statutes enacted by the University Council.

4) The Senate may establish Committees of its members, and may appoint as additional members of such Committees person who are not members of the Senate, and may delegate to any such Committee any powers and functions which it is itself competent to perform.

5) The Senate shall consist of the Vice-Chancellor and at least nine other persons drawn from the academic staff in accordance with a statute in that behalf enacted by the University Council.


The University is managed by the Vice Chancellor and Principal Officers who constitute the Executive Management Team (EMT) with the overall responsibility for the strategic and operational management of all the University’s work.  The key responsibilities of the Executive Management Team are to develop the strategic and operational plans and policies, of the University and to be accountable for their effective delivery.  The EMT is at the apex of the University Management structure providing the final link between management and governance (Senate and Council).

The purpose of the Senior Management Team (SMT) is to ensure a close interface between the Executive Management Team which has overall accountability for the strategic management (plans, policies, budgets, performance) of the University and Senior Academic and Professional Administrative Leaders who are responsible for implementation at an operational level.


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