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What is it About?
An initiative of Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) directed at strengthening a pipeline of Mathematics and Science students from pre tertiary levels of education in the country to tertiary institutions, particularly to the BIUST. The endeavour is motivated by the reality of scarce numbers of students with interest in Mathematics and Science to be able to take-up the Science and Technology programmes that would transform Botswana into a knowledge economy which it aspires to be. It is a new concept in the Botswana and therefore without precedence and benchmark within Botswana.

The Problem of Scarcity of Mathematics and Science Students in Botswana
There is abundant evidence showing that Mathematics and science are problematic particularly at the pre-tertiary levels of Botswana’s education landscape. While there could be myriad causes, such as a learning environment devoid of adequate support for excellence in Mathematics and Science, one of the obvious causes is the phobia for Mathematics and Science that leads to a myth that mathematics and science are killer subjects with a potential for thwarting a student’s future. The Directorate has two main sections, namely the Pre-University Academic Programmes (PUAP) Unit and Extension and Regional Technical Support Centres (ERTSC) wing to deal with the concern.

The PUAP Approach
The PUAP undertakes to ingeniously and deliberately present Science and Mathematics as inherently basic to our everyday life which every person is effortlessly living. It endeavours to demystify Mathematics and Science and cultivate interest of learners and the general populace in the subjects through exposure, play, interaction with natural phenomena, nurturing and mentoring thus building the needed confidence. This outreach programme is aimed at creating an appreciation of the existence of mathematics and science in all life phenomena. This is anticipated to cause a paradigm shift in the perception about Mathematics and Science by the general populace and in particular the pre university population.


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