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Pre University Academic Programmes Implentation

Strengthening a pipeline of Mathematics and Science students from pre-tertiary levels of education to tertiary level involves a broad range of activities and programmes such as:

  • Visitation by school children to the BIUST’s Learning Arenas (Science Parks/Centres, Research Centres etc)
  • Developing Mathematics and Science support chain linking primary schools, secondary schools and the BIUST (Feeder Chains).
  • Live interactive participation in solving Mathematics and Science problems (Teleconferencing between the BIUST experts and learners in different parts of the country (Use of designated satellite Centres in the various regions of Botswana).
  • Mentoring of Elementary/Primary and Secondary School students enrolled in the BIUST programme.
  • In-residence (on the BIUST campus) experience for the Elementary/Primary and Secondary School students.
  • 4-6 week additional enrichment residential programmes (on the BIUST campus) during the long vacation period.
  • Ascertaining Mathematics and Science gaps between University standards and those pertaining in high schools with a view to developing programmes that would continually bridge the gap while students are still in their schools to obviate the need for preparatory year.
  • Ascertaining Mathematics and Science gaps between University standards and those in related Technical Colleges with a view to bridging the gaps to ensure articulation of related Technical Colleges’ programmes. (Articulation of technical college curriculum to facilitate the transfer of credits earned at technical colleges to BIUST.
  • Supporting Mathematics and Science fairs (nationally).
  • Intensive academic readiness programmes that provide tutoring, additional classes and academic support throughout the academic year in Mathematics and Science subjects to bridge any gaps.
  • identified problem areas) through various media thus building the needed confidence. This will include in-residence (on the BIUST campus) experience; enrichment residential programmes during university vacation times; live interactive participation in solving mathematics and science problems.
  • Establishing and conducting mobile Science Circuses that will reach out to learners throughout the country to bring about live interactive mathematics and science activities.
  • Development of Science Centres which will enable interaction with and observation of natural and scientific phenomena (exposure, play, admiration, experimentation, utilisation etc).
  • Creating mathematics and science support chain linking primary schools, secondary schools, relevant Technical College and the BIUST (Feeder Chain).
  • Supporting mathematics, science and technology fairs.


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