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  • Dr Bareki Batlokwa Dr Bareki Batlokwa Lecturer - Chemistry
    Dr. Batlokwa holds a PhD & MSc in Analytical Chemistry from Rhodes University, Republic of South Africa; has Postgraduate Diploma in Education & BSc (Single Major Chemistry) from University of Botswana.
  • Dr Pogisego Dinake Dr. Pogisego Dinake Lecturer - Chemistry
    His doctoral dissertation was on “Systematic Study of Selective Optical Recognition of Mercury(II) using New Dansyl-containing Preorganized Calix[4]arenes.” Calixarenes are macrocycles resulting from alternate associations of phenolic and methylenic groups.
  • Dr. Foster Mbaiwa Dr. Foster Mbaiwa Lecturer - Chemistry
    Velocity mapped photoelectron imaging is a remarkably powerful technique that can give insight into atomic and molecular structure and dynamics. In 2011, I completed my dissertation based on the use of this technique to study finite solvation of halides by some common solvents.
  • Dr Tshepo Pheko Dr. Tshepo Pheko Lecturer - Chemistry
    Dr. Pheko's interest in synthesis started at the University of Botswana where she did a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry. The main focus of her dissertation was synthesis of 2-azetidinines and studying their biological activity.


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